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Trend: More IT Pros Quitting Their Jobs

Recruiting… recruiting… recruiting…

It’s all everyone in my world talks about.

And I get it.

But once every six months or so I write a post here about retention… a reminder that we’re all recruiting IT pros and they have to come from somewhere… they don’t grow on trees.

A portion of them can be found:

- as recent college or coding school grads

- as they convert from contracting and consulting to full time status

- as they relocate to the area

Most of them of are already working at another company and whether they find us through job posts, our career page, referrals, networking or we are recruiting them…. they are moving around in larger numbers than a year ago.

You hear it at user groups (from Dev’s), a frequent topic during Twin Cities Startup Week (CIO’s, Recruiters and Dev’s) and again this past weekend at Twin Cities Code Camp (from Dev’s).

Dice is using some anecdotal data from the monthly and year over year August ‘15 BLS stats:

More Tech Pros Voluntarily Quitting Their Jobs

Similar numbers from Q1 2015:

Average Quits

Stop thinking about recruiting for a few minutes… what are you doing to keep the IT staff you have?

How is your company culture?

What is their career path?

What is a day, week in the life of an IT staffer?

Is it fun?

Benefits beyond the usual?

Let me bust this down to a really simple level…

Does working at your company, for your CEO, for your managers, with your team or on your projects suck?

If so… you’ll be recruiting to fill twice as many positions. The new ones and replacing those that left.

Looking for some data behind all this?

Check out my Minnesota IT Jobs, Salary and Recruiting Report: Summer 2015


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