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VP - Director Of Human Resources Job At When I Work

 When I Work, Minnesota IT Jobs, Minnesota Recruiter Jobs

Who We’re Looking For

When I Work is looking for an enthusiastic and energetic Human Resource leader to lead our company strategy around culture and talent relations as we continue to grow. We welcome a leader who can share and live out our vision, culture, and values.  You are someone who….

  • relates well and easily with others - across teams and levels;
  • puts people first;
  • evangelizes our core values;
  • enjoys strategizing;
  • has a great sense of humor;
  • is a great communicator, both verbal and written, with the ability to handle a wide array of situations and hold your ground when needed;
  • able to influence others; and
  • will do whatever it takes to get the job done.  You aren’t afraid of the details.

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Trend: More IT Pros Quitting Their Jobs

Recruiting… recruiting… recruiting…

It’s all everyone in my world talks about.

And I get it.

But once every six months or so I write a post here about retention… a reminder that we’re all recruiting IT pros and they have to come from somewhere… they don’t grow on trees.

A portion of them can be found:

- as recent college or coding school grads

- as they convert from contracting and consulting to full time status

- as they relocate to the area

Most of them of are already working at another company and whether they find us through job posts, our career page, referrals, networking or we are recruiting them…. they are moving around in larger numbers than a year ago.

You hear it at user groups (from Dev’s), a frequent topic during Twin Cities Startup Week (CIO’s, Recruiters and Dev’s) and again this past weekend at Twin Cities Code Camp (from Dev’s).

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