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10 Weeks Left On The 2015 Hiring Calendar… Not Exactly

Calendar 2015 2

Take a quick look at the calendar above and you will see there are 10 weeks left in 2015.

And you might be thinking… that’s a lot of time to do, finish up end of the year hiring.

Yeah umm… not so fast:

  • We have the short week for Thanksgiving

  • Christmas Day is a Friday... short week

  • New Year’s Day is a Friday… short week

  • Are you, your hiring managers or senior leadership taking any time off?

  • How about the folks you are recruiting?

Add in the usual headache of coordinating schedules, however long your typical interview process is and add in a two weeks notice.

How much time do you really have left in 2015?


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Nick Hughes

Interesting how complacent we become towards the end of the year. I never quantify the number of weeks left before Christmas but it is rapidly approaching and the executive recruitment window. True, I need to plan a schedule as before we know it Christmas would have gone and it will be January 2016. Then, factor in people taking time off then it can be a real struggle to fit everything before Xmas. Thanks.

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