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Minnesota Morning… CoCo NE Open House, Blue Cross Blue Shield IT Layoffs And Gopher Football

With summer winding down (yes it hurts to type that) I have a lot of content and info that I need to get out of my brain so I can get working on some projects and one big event. I may be dropping a lot of random posts here the next week or two related to recruiting, technology, last moments of #LakeLife and because it starts soon… Gopher Football

CoCO Northeast Open House

Last week CoCo had an open house showing off their new space in Northeast Minneapolis. The space used to be the home of Sport Ngin who recently moved down the street into a much larger location.

All of the CoCo locations (Northeast, Downtown, Uptown and St Paul) have their own look and vibe to them. I already like Northeast because of how the space feels, the neighborhood with the arts, coffee shops and breweries and that from Downtown during rush hour I am driving against traffic.

There is also a small roof top patio that I have not used but know I will.

Here are some photos from a couple of weeks ago, days after the move in (not everything was moved in yet):

CoCo Northeast CoCo Northeast CoCo Northeast CoCo Northeast CoCo Northeast CoCo Northeast

And a couple with Kyle Coolbroth a long time friend and CoCo co founder:

Paul DeBettignies, Kyle Coolbroth, CoCo Northeast Paul DeBettignies, Kyle Coolbroth, CoCo Northeast

I am thinking I will be splitting my time between CoCo Downtown and Northeast. If you find yourself at either place and want to find some time to chat send me an email.

Blue Cross Blue Shield IT Layoffs

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota announced that from 2016-2019 they will be laying off 450 IT pros as:

"We are decommissioning many of our older IT systems, which will result in the associated work not being part of the updated technology platform."

Currently they have around 600 IT employees. Thee was no mention of future hiring or if they would be creating new jobs sing new technologies.

I have seen a number of quotes from state officials that they don’t believe the BCBS IT pros will have issues finding jobs.

I’m skeptical… if they are being let go because of old technology that may mean their skill sets are not up to date. I hope I’m wrong.

Gopher Football

Fall practice started Friday for the University of Minnesota Golden Gopher Football team and what should have been a great day with a bunch of hype around the 2015 football season we instead learned that our now former athletic director sent some harassing text messages and resigned from his position.

I’m not going to get into that because simply… what an ass.

Here is an article from Chip Scoggins in the Minneapolis StarTribune that sums up what is on my mind as an alumnus and fan:

Teague scandal rocks Gophers athletics amid recent gains

Back to the team… sounds like the first two days of practice were fairly normal with not a of of news so not linking to anything today.

There were some funny/great quotes from Coach Kill regarding how he feels when he is in Minnesota and sees people wearing other school colors:

"There ought to be ban," Kill said with a smile. "The Governor is always banning. We need to ban any other shirts but the University of Minnesota and the Vikings. That's it. The secretary likes the Packers. We're in Minnesota, aren't we? Right? All right. I'm off that soapbox."

See more here Kill advises Minnesotans to shed red from their wardrobe

Photo Of The Day (follow me on Instagram)

This weekend was the Uptown Art Fair and then I took a trip out to Stillwater:

Uptown Art Fair Uptown Art Fair Uptown Art Fair Stillwater Lift Bridge


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