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Event: How to Use Social Media Tools for Recruiting

Event: MinneDemo 20

Tonight 500+ Minnesota IT pros, startups, marketing, entrepreneurs, students and yes a few recruiters are gathering for MinneDemo 20 at The Depot in Minneapolis.

I plan on going early and staying late so if you are a Developer and looking for some career advice (or want to talk about jobs I am recruiting for with my clients) or growing your IT staff and having a difficult time… come find me so we can chat.

Or send me an email so we can schedule a phone call => paul@mnheadhunter.com

MinneDemo 20 pitches:

Token Of Trust


Introducing Token of Trust profiles for managing risk when buying, selling, renting, or dating.

Little Peanut on The Go


A personal assistant mobile app for parents to keep them organized and connected when they or their children are away from home

Aurora Wearable


Showing how LEDs and internet connectivity can create clothing you can communicate with!



Demoing how customers can to be notified when their table is ready, order food, and pay, all via text message.

Nerd Planet


Online, Do-It-Yourself computer management and repair services.

Warm Winter Arts


“Hoof_It” a 3D Architectural Model Viewer with Added Yay!

Kid Around Town


Kid Around Town helps families leverage digital screen addiction to create lasting memories while exploring their world.


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