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Survey: 20% Of IT Pros Are Not On LinkedIn… Some Thoughts

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A survey from Stack Overflow says that 20% of those surveyed (those on Stack Overflow) do not have a LinkedIn profile.

Like with all surveys (I say this every time I post something like this) the “who was surveyed” matters. Maybe the IT pros on Stack Overflow are less likely by nature to also be on LinkedIn?

I don’t want to get lost in that part although I was surprised given what I hear at tech groups and meetups in Minneapolis the number is not higher. Yes, I said higher.

What I do want to talk about is how effective LinkedIn is and is not in recruiting IT pros today and in part this comes from a conversation I had a with Minnesota IT Recruiter last week.

A few thoughts from the chat:

LinkedIn is not as effective as it was 2 years ago… 5 years ago.

Not even close to as good as it used to be. More recruiters means more Spam and message fatigue.

Different economy surely plays a part.

More incomplete/orphaned profiles.

Those with strong networks still having really good success using the tool

Some thoughts after seeing the survey:

20% (regardless of the number) is a BIG chunk of a community missing. It’s a reminder that recruiters need to get away from the office and, wait for it… meet people in person.

Now add in the number of profiles that only the basics were filled out like name, city, employer and a vague title. Hard to find.

Add in the number of profiles that are low in content, maybe findable by keyword and hard to find so a lazy recruiter never see them.

Add in the number of profiles that are easy to find but are rarely visited by their owner.

So take a step for a moment and add up those numbers… how many IT pros are on LinkedIn, searchable, check their profile 2-3 times a month and are not annoyed with Spam?

And we wonder why LinkedIn is not as good as it used to be?

For sure LinkedIn is a tool I use (most) every day and will continue to do so:

Make sure InMail and email are tailored to them

Use searches that dig deeper on LinkedIn

Have a profile of my own that is engaging

Do all the other things I do including going where IT pros are hanging out.

But to rely on LinkedIn to find IT pros… no way.


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Good Stuff Paul!

Eric Putkonen

Totally agree, Paul! It does not surprise me though. I once heard a firm posted a Java developer resume just to see what would happen and receive over 50 email and 15 phone calls in less than 48 hours. IT professionals...especially good, in-demand IT pros...do not want to be found. They want to choose and are selective.

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