Minnesota IT Jobs, Salary and Recruiting Report Summer 2015
Minnesota IT Jobs: How Stiff Is The Recruiting Competition From Silicon Valley?

Minnesota IT Jobs: Do We Have Enough Talent In Minnesota?

I posted the for 2015 yesterday (and below) and have already had a number of inquiries mostly from Minnesota startup and tech company (a few from San Francisco and Silicon Valley) CEO’s – CIO’s – CTO’s – Recruiters asking some version of this question:

Do we have enough IT pros in Minnesota?

That’s a loaded question because I already know they believe the answer is no. And the reason why is they are having a hard time with hiring.

This is my perspective and opinion, just want to get that out there before saying this…

YES there is.

And companies are proving it every day.

A large number of companies are growing their teams, some of them significantly and with little effort.

The question should be:

How big is the pool of people who want to work at this location, in this culture, with these benefits, on this product, with these people, for this CEO, with this manager, at this salary and do we have an effective recruiting strategy?

Because if any combination of these exist: your location sucks, culture is abrasive, benefits are lacking, product is not useful, coworkers are watching the clock, CEO is not a leader, manager is a jerk, salary is not competitive and no one knows you are hiring… why would anyone work there?

And if there was an oversupply of IT pros, or a recession, who would you get to work there? Would you have the best people?

Minnesota IT Talent Shortage, Minnesota IT Jobs

When I see the above survey results (click image to enlarge) here is what I think… “tech executives” believe that their company is perfect and that they should be able to go out the back of their building to a tree and like at an orchard in the fall pick the apples (IT pros) they want. Who are perfect for what they want today and this quarter.

They want hiring to be quick, easy and inexpensive.

Frankly I don’t think there will ever be survey results regardless of the supply and economic times that Minnesota tech executives will say anything but that there is a shortage.

Taking a step or two back… do I think we could use more IT pros in Minnesota? Yes.

Do I think we could use more highly skilled IT pros in Minnesota? Yes.

But if you’re a Minnesota “tech executive” and can’t find 3-4 Ruby Developers to hire the problem is likely not the talent shortage.. it’s likely your company, salary, location, recruiting strategy, etc.



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Gerry Isaacson

The real question should be "Do we have any recruiters in Minnesota that realizes that a resume details what a geek has done and it is not a pretty document that is created for the recruiter to use against a word compare program. A recruiter that can talk to a geek and understand what is being said. A recruiter that knows what geek characteristics the customer needs and is able to match it to the perfect geek?"

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