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ToggleGreen Is Live… And Here Is An Invitation


ToggleGreen is live.

3 simple words… not so simple.

I’ve been sitting in the cheap seats as an advisor watching a bunch of dedicated, smart, sometimes frustrated people finally… FINALLY get here.

The ToggleGreen “Alpha” is live.


Sound the trumpets. Crack open the beers. Time to take a nap.

Of course… since I am typing this, tech gremlins could be messing with us and I have no clue. I can hear their voices yelling, “Dude, you should have waited!!!”

That’s the thing about life in a startup… it changes. All the time.

And sometimes you just have to go live and see what happens.

The hard part about being an advisor is other than advice, introductions and some cheerleading I’m not a lot of help. Not yet.

Saying “You’ve got this” only does so much.

Maybe now I can earn my title.

If you are an IT or Creative pro (Doer) in Minneapolis you should be using ToggleGreen.

This is not some bullshit hype thing… I’m convinced of it to my core.

If you are tired of recruiters like me calling you all the time when you are not looking for a job or next consulting gig then this tool is for you. And if you are looking for your next contract gig or full time job… have a group of recruiters you trust ready to help you. Take control of your career.

It is that simple.

If you are a Recruiter, HR pro, CEO, etc  (Finder) in town you should be using ToggleGreen.

I have been recruiting for 17 years and I don’t want to guess how much time I have spent wasted trying to source and recruit IT pros who are not available.

It’s been A LOT.

And how many have I unintentionally annoyed?

I’m not a hype guy… I don’t like to sling BS around.

I am certain this tool is needed and why when asked to be an advisor last year I did not wait to hear the full question before saying yelling “YES I’M IN!!!”

For those who may not know what an “alpha” is… it is a minimum viable product.

Think of it like a new home with dry wall and no paint, a framed unfinished basement, electrical wiring everywhere that most of the time works but maybe not when you flip the switch you think is logically the correct one.

And we’re throwing an “open house”.

We need people to stop by, walk around, flip some switches and see how it works.

We need feedback… constructive feedback.

Not, “This site sucks. It doesn’t work right.”

We need, “Why when I do ‘this’ does ‘this’ thing happen? I think it would be better if it did ‘this’.”

Here is my invitation to you… come over to ToggleGreen and flip some switches. Tell us, tell me what you think.

Go to (click) => ToggleGreen Sign Up

Sign up

Use the passcode => mnheadhunter

Be sure to change your passcode right away.

Let me say that again… ready? Be sure to change your passcode right away.

It’s that simple. Well, it should be anyway.

For those wondering what the heck I am talking about check out our very well received presentation at MinneDemo 19 this past February (2015) in front of 700 of our peers:


And this one of our not so serious marketing videos that explains why this tool will help both “doers” and “finders” with their jobs:

Not quite the relief I'm looking for from ToggleGreen on Vimeo.

Ready… set… go… tell me what you think paul@mnheadhunter.com


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