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The Best BLEEPING Job Description Ever

Last week a CraigsList job ad from a “San Diego Tech Company” spread fast in the developer community across the country. Which is odd right because when was the last time anyone in any industry passed around a job description?

And they liked it.


The same job description met with a lukewarm response in the Recruiter and HR community. Some said it promoted the wrong things. That the culture sounded like a bunch of boys on the playground. Blah, blah, blah.

The number of times the “f word” (along with other “colorful” words”) is used has something to do with it.

Which may explain why IT pros loved it. And not just the fellas. From what I could tell a nearly equal number of women like it too.

Below are screen shots of the now infamous description.

My though is this… get past the cuss words and grandiose language used.

This is one of the best job descriptions I have seen.


It clearly answers the questions most people have. It’s that simple. Unfortunately most job descriptions don’t do that:

The Pay

The Job

What You'll Be Doing

Why Leave Your Job

The People

The Environment

Company Meetings

Hiring Process

What To Send

For my Recruiter and HR friends… do your job descriptions answer the questions potential candidates have or are your job descriptions, boring and filled with 17+ bullet points of what you want in your next employee.

Here is why this hits a nerve with me.

A couple of weeks at the Minnesota HR Tech Expo and I gave a presentation, “How To Recruit Like A Startup”, and I spoke about job descriptions.

To be clear… my clients do not go as far as the one below but they do get a positive response from candidates who thank us for being clear. For saying what is in it for them.

That day I asked my 50 colleagues how many liked their job descriptions.

One… 1 out of 50.


So yes the one below goes “too far”… I think most companies do not go far enough (click images to make larger):

Fing great job post

Fing great job post



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