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Recruiting For Startups: The Basics

The most frequent question I get (not surprising) from startup and tech company CEO’s is:

“Hey, can I pick your brain about recruiting?”

And I always answer yes but I have learned something… it’s never a simple answer.

Or it is the one big question:

“How do I get started recruiting a startup or small tech team?”

That answer can be anywhere from an hour to a day depending on much of a deep dive we need to do.

In order to get startups CEO’s thinking about this I put together a short video:

Recruiting for Startups: The Basics

I was thinking it would be 5 minutes long. Anyone who knows me well knows that no conversation is that short. Even one with myself (c’mon that’s funny).

This ended up being <15 minutes. That’s still a really short amount of time to say, “this is how to recruit”.

Basically what I have done is taken the highlights of recent “Recruit Like A Startup” presentations at Twin Cities Startup Week, Google for Entrepreneurs and Michigan Recruiters Conference along with previous MinneBar sessions put them here and briefly covered them.

Topics are:

  • War for Talent (skills shortage)
  • Career page
  • Job descriptions
  • Jobs boards
  • CEO/CTO profiles
  • LinkedIn - Twitter - Facebook
  • Social Media calendar
  • Events
  • Talent pools/pipelines
  • Candidate experience
  • Metrics
  • Database
  • Audit yourself

My hope is that after seeing this video a startup CEO will say:

“You know, our job posts do suck. Can we chat about them?” (or any of the topics)

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