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Not Enough Experience, Too Junior

I could have titled this, “Why there is an IT talent shortage”.

The past 9 months or so the number of “this developer is too junior” comments has increased. And it’s not just me… a number of my Recruiter and HR friends are hearing this in all sizes (# of employees and revenue) of companies.

I get that depending on size of company, division or group a too junior developer may not fit in. Whether they need mentoring that there is not time for (or someone not capable of doing it) or there would be so much “dead” time for them that they may get frustrated and leave… I get there are barriers.

But let me say this, if we don’t hire junior developers now they will never be the 3 year Ruby Developer or the 5 year .Net Developer everyone is looking for.

Right now I am watching some soon to be graduates with some experience having a difficult time finding a job after graduation.

Are companies, senior leaders, managers really this incapable of bringing in recent grads and getting them up to speed?

To my observation… what happens to the “too junior” candidate in many cases is they either find a crappy job to pay the bills, get frustrated and leave the industry or they never get a job and never start in the industry.

“War for Talent” and “Skills Shortage” I question the premise more every day.


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I'm super-impressed with how the consulting company I'm subbing through on my current gig deals with this. They hire 2-3 fresh graduates per year and they work on internal projects for a year before they send them out in the field. One of those kids (he's 21) is on my project as his first gig in the field and is doing AMAZING work. He needs plenty of mentoring (that was specifically asked of me as part of my responsibilities in this case), but a really sharp kid eager to learn and work hard.

Hell, I asked him to document the existing API we're supposed to stay backward-compatible with as part of our scope and he put together a cross-referenced 50 page document in 2 days. I've watched people with 5+ years take WEEKS to do similar (and fail to actually deliver in the end).

There are some doing the right thing, but they're few and far between.

Jason Alba

This is great insight. I think too many managers are worried about taking on "projects," and with all the talk about Gen Y bouncing around companies so much, I bet it's a reflection of not wanting to invest in someone who is stereotypically supposed to be fickle.

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