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Presentation At MinneBar: Managing Your IT Career v7 - (Why do recruiters suck so bad?)

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MinneBar 10 is in two weeks, April 11th at Best Buy, and I will be doing my annual career maintenance presentation conversation.

You may be wondering about the title:

“Why do recruiters suck so bad?”

Two years ago we had a video malfunction and while that was being fixed and before I started talking about what was on my mind I asked:

“So whaddya want to know?”

First question:

“Why do recruiters suck so bad?”

And the room broke out in laughter. No really, everyone laughed.

Last year, it was the second question.

While I will answer that again this year I have a few things on my mind that I will talk about and you can see those below.

What I really want is for you to come with questions you have. Topics you want to talk about.

I promise this will be a laid back and fun conversation.

While you do not need to “sign up” there is a way to say you are interested in the session so that the MinneBar folks can better plan room assignments.

Click Managing Your IT Career v7 - (Why do recruiters suck so bad?) and click “Yes! I might attend.”

Session Description

Two years ago the first question was, "Why do recruiters suck so bad?"

Last year it was the second question.

This is the 7th year of doing this kind of presentation... a few slides and a lot of Q&A and discussion.

Frequent conversations I have had lately include (and bring what is on your mind):

  • What the local job market is like right now
  • Are startups any more risky than large employers
  • How to prepare for and recover from a layoff
  • Code schools and bootcamps, are they worth the price
  • How do I create a loose confederation of consultant friends
  • Specialize or be a master of none

Paul DeBettignies, better known online as Minnesota Headhunter, is a Minnesota IT Recruiter who builds IT teams with startups and tech companies, creates recruiting strategies for Fortune 500 clients, author of the Minnesota Headhunter blog, the longest running regional recruiter blog and an Advisor to ToggleGreen.

He is a frequent local and national speaker, trainer and subject matter expert on recruiter, HR, career, networking and social media topics. Recent activities include presentations at Twin Cities Startup Week, Google for Entrepreneurs, Michigan Recruiters Conference, University of Minnesota, CHS, MinneBar and ERE and interviews with NPR, WCCO AM (CBS) Radio & TV, KSTP TV (ABC), MSP Business Journal, Minneapolis StarTribune and

Paul is involved in the Minneapolis and St Paul technology, marketing and social media communities as a sponsor, volunteer and mentor and is the founder of Midwest Recruiting Bootcamp.

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