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Minnesota Morning… Nerdery Layoff, Minneapolis Public School Layoff And March Madness

Depending on the weather person you listen to we are going to get “a little” to “a lot” of snow today. Good, we need the water. Hearing of “flash drought” potential and thinking about low lake levels has me quite OK with whatever happens today.

Last weekend it was 70F with ice melting on area lakes. The forecast has us above freezing… let it snow, it will melt in a couple of days. Spring is here. There I said it.

Nerdery Layoff

Friday afternoon The Nerdery announced it laid off 23 staff members including 15 in Minneapolis. The MSP Business Journal reports in Layoffs at The Nerdery cut workforce by 4 percent that those impacted were in accounting, development, facilities, quality assurance and project management.

While I have been critical of layoffs involving Minnesota companies the past year this one, while unfortunate, I can understand. The Nerdery is working in a fast pace, always changing world. It will not shock me that we see more of these micro staff reductions at companies.

Hopefully they and other groups will do what they can to retrain and keep the folks internally or help them have a soft landing with other groups in town.

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Minneapolis Public School Layoffs

Minneapolis StarTribune with an article today Minneapolis Public Schools to lay off more than 100 administrative staffers. Other than maybe timing this should not be breaking news to anyone… a layoff was mentioned more than a month ago

Laid-off workers will be encouraged to apply for positions opening at schools, Hicks said, with the intention of “returning those very talented people to the classroom.”

The good news is many of these folks may be able to stay in the district.

March Madness

Something is wrong with me and I do not know what it is… I am not into March Madness this year. Everyone knows I am a BIG fan of all Gophers sports teams. And usually a big fan of the Road to the Final Four.

Not this year. Still a fan… just not crazy as usual. Barely a heartbeat.

Part of it may be because the fellas hoops team did not get in the big dance nor the NIT.

The ladies hoops team lost to DePaul in the first round of the NCAA.

The men’s hockey team did win the Big Ten regular season and tournament title but… Big Ten hockey sucks. I miss the old rivalries. I miss the trash talk. I miss the history.

The Big Ten tournament in Detroit was a lot like the old, "If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear, does it make a sound?" Attendance was pitiful at best.

We do play UMD, our little brothers, in the first round of the Frozen Four next weekend. That should be some fun.

Today the women’s hockey team plays against Harvard for the Frozen Four championship. This is a big deal and Ridder Arena on the University of Minnesota campus is sold out.

And it’s not on TV


It will stream live online today at 3 pm Minneapolis time… click Women’s Frozen Four.

There was this from the 2015 Minnesota Boys State High School Hockey tournament… the 2015 Minnesota State High School All Hockey Hair Team. 2.1 million views and counting. Yeah, I said 2.1 million views. This video went viral:


I think I know what the cure to all of this is… this and the sooner the better:

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