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Conversation With An Android Developer… Should I Stay Away From Search Firms

“You were right. I updated my LinkedIn profile and a bunch of recruiting firms are contacting me non stop. I saw an article on CIO.com and I think I should stay away from search firm recruiters. But you’re cool. What do you think?”

So I read 10 rules for working with recruiters and search firms on CIO.com and had some immediate reaction.

I agree with many of the points and no much with others. Maybe I am being sensitive but there is a “tone” to this advice. It may be the same tone if I wrote “10 rules for working with career coaches” so I will give him a break.

Let’s get into the advice:


I agree with never pay a fee to someone for them to find you a job. That’s a recipe for disaster.

I disagree with:

“so proceed with extreme caution if using a contingency recruiter -- they're out to make a placement, any placement, regardless of fit.”

That’s absurd. Yes some contingent recruiters think/act this way. And they don’t last long in the industry. To make it sound as if contingent recruiters don’t care about candidates is silly. I call “BS” on this one.

Be Selective

Absolutely agree. You research your doctor, lawyer, accountant… who cuts your hair. You should research recruiters too.

Be Honest

I agree with this… being clear with yourself and a recruiter or HR pro matters

I disagree with:

"With external recruiters, they're motivated to land you a higher paycheck -- they receive their commission based on that amount. With internal professionals, they're motivated to save their business money by getting you to take the job at a lower salary," Myers says.

That is another over generalization. In theory, yes. In the real world, no.

Never pay for anything

100% agree

Confirm the job is right for you


Demand respect and communication

Demand is a strong word. If you already picked a good recruiter(s) you don’t have to do this.

This is BS:

"When you call a recruiter, they don't care about you unless they happen to have an open job order that fits your qualifications exactly…”

I disagree with this:

"That's the way it should work, in a perfect world. In actuality, what often happens is recruiters and search firms will look at new orders and start doing research on their client's largest competitors to see who they can poach.”

Recruiters for sure will think about who they already know, who they have relationships with. That we want to look like a hero in the way he describes is a joke. We look like a hero with a successful hire.

Play the field

I agree… no exclusive with any firm.

I disagree with:

“Many times, the fine print will say, 'If you leave that job within a certain amount of time, you're on to hook to pay us our fee,' and you don't want to be responsible for that,"

In 16 years I have NEVER seen such a thing.

Maintain control


Retain editorial control

I agree

Note: “…you should consider working with a career coach or a professional resume writer...”

Irony, yes?

Handle salary negotiations yourself

I disagree.

I get the career coach does not have faith in recruiters, internal or external. And I get that he has clearly had bad experiences so we are all bad.

You should be involved in the process. I don’t know how you couldn’t be.

Doing it yourself… I do not recommend.

Don't rely entirely on recruiters

100% agree with this

My advice to my Android Developer was simple:

Find a couple of good IT Recruiters you can trust

Make sure you are not duplicating efforts

Do not rely on them to find a job for you

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