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Woman Fired On Twitter After A Tweet

What seems like an annual post… someone said something on Twitter and was fired.

This time they were actually fired in a Twitter post.

Here’s how this one goes…

A girl in Mansfield, Texas posts this Tweet the night before her first day at a pizza joint:

Fired On Twitter

An employee sees it and lets the owner know who replies with:

Fired on Twitter

And I can hear it now… you have folks who will say:

- her freedom of speech was violated (nope, she freely said what was on her mind)

- Social Media is private (nope, her Twitter account was/is public)

- employers should not care what their employees think and say (I see both sides of this one)

- that you have to be careful what you post online (yep)

Here is a quote of mine from an interview two years ago:

“There are times when you really want to say ‘Dude, what were you thinking?’”

Here is the full interview:



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