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Minnesota Morning… IBM Layoffs, JavaScript User Group and Minnesota Jobs

Super Bowl XLIX (49 for those who don’t remember the weird things we had to learn in grade school) is this evening. I have managed to skip all the pre game hype and commercial nonsense.

I am going to sit back, relax, put a pizza in the oven, be sure to take bathroom breaks during the game so I can see the commercials and… likely fall asleep. And then later tonight turn on ESPN to see the highlights and go to YouTube for the missed commercials.

I guess I am picking Seattle.

This has nothing to do with anyone’s deflated balls. Or cheating. Or…

I do need to finish this so I can watch some of Puppy Bowl XI.

IBM Layoffs

Two weeks ago Robert Cringely wrote Next Week's Bloodbath At IBM Won't Fix The Real Problem on Forbes that IBM was preparing to lay off 26% of its workforce, around 110,000 people, with the code name Project Chrome.

IBM freaked out, as one does when their secret big news is now public, saying no way the numbers are that high. The next number floated was 10K - 12K layoffs this year with others saying that many per quarter.

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