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Event: Michigan Recruiters Conference

Hey Michigan Recruiters… get registered for this:

March 13, 2015 is the first .

Tim Sackett, President of HRU Technical Resources, writer, speaker and all around nice guy, and Jim D’Amico, Director of Talent Acquisition for Spectrum Healthone, writer, speaker and one of the funniest fellas I know, have been thinking about a Michigan Recruiters Conference for about a year and I am freaking thrilled that they are going forward with the idea.

Knowing the impact we had on our Minnesota Recruiter and HR community with a similar event… I know this is going to be big for our Michigan colleagues.

Right there, that is cool news.

There is more because I am going… and speaking.

This is going to be like going back to my early days (summer 2007) when we started the Minnesota Recruiters group.

But without the event mistakes, mic’s not working (not, make sure we have extra batteries), etc. And starting on time. Tim and Jim know what they are doing… I didn’t have a clue. Although I did put on a good show that turned into 16 more.

If you’re reading this and thinking about if you should attend it’s simple, heck yeah:

- This is really good content that you can take back to your desk and team and use right away.

- If you are like most Recruiter and HR pros you are so heads down with work you have lost track of your friends and colleagues in other companies. Or worse, you don’t know anybody. You will not be able to say that after this event.

- If you have little or no training budget for you and your staff… this is an easy “ask” to attend.

- It’s on a Friday… no better way to start the weekend.

Want to know more about how this has come together… click Michigan Recruiters - About

Here is some event info:

Register (click)


$49 (lunch included, thank you CareerBuilder, and free parking)


March 13, 2015
9 am - 3:30 pm


Accident Fund Insurance
200 North Grand Ave.
Lansing, MI




Recruit Like A Startup

  • Paul DeBettignies

Recruitment Analytic Stories

  • Spectrum Team Health

The Big Idea Share

  • Moderated Group

The Future of Talent Acquisition

  • Tim Sackett

Sourcing Lab - LinkedIn and Facebook Recruiting

  • Elijah Beckwith

Recruiters As Ring Masters in the Greatest Show On Earth

    • Jennifer McClure

My presentation is showing how I aggressively recruit for startups and small tech companies (many of whom are under the radar) in Minneapolis including:

  • Recruiting (hunting) for current positions and creating relationships (farming) for next quarter/year
  • Shorter job descriptions
  • Rewriting CEO/Founder/Hiring Manager LinkedIn profiles
  • Use of Twitter/LinkedIn/Instagram for branding
  • Creating a Social Media content schedule for staff
  • Candidate experience including 24 hour responses to inquiries, shorter interview cycles, transparency with the hiring process
  • Getting Hiring Managers to participate in recruiting
  • And a bunch more

All of the things I will be talking about can be (and I will argue should be) used by any company in any industry and location regardless of size.

Click Michigan Recruiters Conference agenda for session descriptions.

While I am super excited for this event… I am also looking forward to seeing some friends.

Tim Sackett and I have been “online” friends for years. We share a passion for Big Ten basketball and football and I look forward to shaking his hand for the first time.

Jim D’Amico lived/worked in Minnesota for a number of years and he spoke at one of my events and attended most of the others. He’s an Ohio State guy and I try not to hold that against him. I have not seen him in a few years and look forward to hearing some stories.

Jennifer McClure is and I mean this with all sincerity… one of the best humans on this planet. We have had her in Minnesota speaking at a number of conferences over the years and she always gets great reviews. More important to me… I call her Friend. The hours she has spent on the phone with me listening to my next cool idea, industry rants, girls, etc. She deserves a medal for going above and beyond the call of duty.

This is going to be a really good event.

Send me an email if:

You are thinking about attending and have a question. I will be sure to pass it on to Tim and Jim.

You are attending and have a particular question, topic, scenario you would like to see me take on in my presentation.

You are not in the Michigan area and have a company/group/conference that would like to talk about recruiting.


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