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Conversation With A Hiring Manager… Are You Handling Me?

Yesterday I had this text exchange:

HIRING MANAGER: Are you handling me?

ME: Yes

HIRING MANAGER: I don't like it

ME: Step back, I got this.

Sometimes in the recruiting process hiring managers and candidates get in their own way. Maybe more often than sometimes.

It may be that they are not being fully transparent with what they want.

It may be that they are being really aggressive with what they want.

This time I had it where the hiring manager and candidate really liked each other and they were trying to be who they thought the other person wanted them to be.

And it was not working… they were trying too hard.

It was like a scene from a junior high school dance… we had both folks trying to lead, follow, then too fast or slow while trying to find the beat.

After the text exchange I sent them both an email:

Hey Guys,

I know this is an informal way to do this and I trust you both know I am doing my best to work this out. This is what I am seeing… you’re getting in your own way.

(Hiring Manager) you are looking for (a bunch of things) and (Candidate) has them.

(Candidate you are looking for (a bunch of things) and (Hiring Manager) and (Company) has them.

It really is this simple. I swear it is.

So how about we reset from this morning’s call that you both agree was awkward and frustrating. Have another call this afternoon. Laugh about this morning and then talk about what work/projects needs to be done, in what order and what the first 3 months and then 6 months should look like.

Create a road map.

Then hop in the car and go.


And then I wait.

And wait.

And… (ding)

I get an email from (Candidate):

Have you ever thought about being a marriage counselor? I think you would be good at it. Your email was spot on. We had a good laugh and then created the map. This is going to be a fun ride.

Moments later I get a text message from (Hiring Manager):

Yeah, well done

This morning (Hiring Manager) sends this short email:

Hey, handle me. I trust you.

That right there is so cool.

For my Hiring Manager friends, once trust is earned with your recruiter and you know they know what you want and are an advocate for you… let them (us) do their jobs.


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