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Last week FOX 9 broke a story that late in December (2014) 40 people who had accepted job offers to work at Target Corporation starting in January (2015) were notified that their offer was being rescinded.

Their story and an interview with a local attorney is below.

I missed the story that night and was not aware of the situation until a couple of friends who had accepted offers at other companies were asking about the enforcement of their offer.

I finally asked why they were asking and learned of the story.

I’m not an attorney (so this is not legal opinion)… generally offer letters are a formality. They usually contain specifics like a start date, salary, vacation and benefit information, at will employment and other things.

In the FOX 9 story the attorney says that employers rescinding offers is a common thing.

That is not my experience.

I have had two offers rescinded in 16 years because of business reasons. If I remember correctly I have had four or five offers rescinded because of issues with a flagged background check or failed drug test.

I have had an equal number of candidates who have accepted an offer and then not shown up for the first day of work. Sometimes without notice.

So this does go both ways.

Besides the FOX 9 story below there are two other articles I have seen:

City Pages has Target Rescinds Job Offers for Entire Class of New Hires Just Weeks Before Start Date with the story of one of those impacted by this.

Minneapolis St Paul Business Journal has this from a contributing writer (I’ll call this an opinion piece) Shame on Target for rescinding job offers. I agree with a lot of what she says but the tone is too harsh.

I do suggest if it is true that Target called these folks on New Year’s Eve… that would suck. I’m hoping that is not the case and would be shocked if true.




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I had it happen to me while I was unemployed so for 3 months I didn't look for a new job because this would have been the dream job and 1 week beforehand they pulled the plug. Had to scramble and basically took the first thing I could find.


It wasn't Target. It was 15 years ago.

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