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Mobile Realty Apps Changes Name To HomeSpotter, Announces Funding

“Hey, do you have a minute?”

6 simple words Aaron Kardell, CEO of then Mobile Realty Apps now HomeSpotter (see the press release below), said to me at the first MobCon late fall 2012… and things have not been the same since.

I knew Aaron from seeing him at CoCo Downtown Minneapolis and I knew of him through tech events in town. I knew he was a good tech guy and this being his third startup (two successful exits) a good CEO.

He said he was going to be growing his team and he wanted to know if I had interest in helping him.

As I remember it I did not let him finish asking the question before I said yes.

Aaron and Mobile Realty Apps have come a longgggg way since then.

They started at CoCo St Paul… I don’t have any photos of them there.

Then CoCo Downtown Minneapolis (12/12):

Mobile Realty Apps now HomeSpotter, Aaron Kardell

Here in slightly larger space on the first floor of the Grain Exchange Building (2/13):

Mobile Realty Apps now HomeSpotter, Aaron Kardell 

The now infamous “Help us fill the coat rack #WereHiring” Tweet (2/13):

Mobile Realty Apps now HomeSpotter, Aaron Kardell 

16 months later, this from the summer of 2014… the space full of team members and one of three in use:

Mobile Realty Apps now HomeSpotter, Aaron Kardell

And this from move in day September ‘14 as the group moved into 4,000 square feet. Two coat racks are no longer enough:

Mobile Realty Apps now HomeSpotter, Aaron Kardell

Yeah he is a good CEO… I’ve also learned Aaron is a good man and thankful I can call him friend. We have had numerous 11 pm conversations about business, #StartupLife, recruiting and of course Cornhusker and Gopher football. And one of us asking the other usually about life things… how are you really doing?

He’s one of the good ones.

And he has surrounded himself with really good, smart people.

I have been lucky, fortunate, blessed… whatever word one wants to use that Aaron has allowed me a view that most recruiters (let alone us “search firm” folks) never get to see. I hope that him keeping me around these two plus years is a sign I have done well by him and them.

All of that for this…

Today Mobile Realty Apps officially becomes HomeSpotter.

Included in the announcement today is funding news, a new product(s) and a sweet new web site.

Lots of news for the team today and the best part… there is more to come.

Oh hey, I wouldn’t be doing my job without this… click HomeSpotter Jobs #WereHiring

Here is the press release:

For Immediate Release

Breanna Vanstrom, Director of Marketing
612-624-2828, breanna@homespotter.com 
301 S 4th Street, Suite 365N, Minneapolis, MN 55415

Mobile Realty Apps is now HomeSpotter™

Company announces new brand, funding and product strategy

Mobile Realty Apps Is Now HomeSpotter

January 26, 2015 (Minneapolis, MN)—HomeSpotter™ is now more than a great feature in your favorite home search app. It’s the new name of real estate tech company, Mobile Realty Apps. The company was named Inman News’ Most Innovative Real Estate Startup in 2012, due in part to their augmented reality search feature, called HomeSpotter.

“We knew the HomeSpotter name had consumer appeal, plus it’s easier to say than Mobile Realty Apps!” said Aaron Kardell, founder and CEO of HomeSpotter. “As we began to shift our communications strategy away from technical specs and features, towards solutions for agents and their clients, we knew the HomeSpotter name was right for the company overall.”

Tailored to each customer’s brand and multiple listing service (MLS) data, HomeSpotter mobile search apps are available to more than 200,000 real estate agents throughout the United States and Canada. Customers include some of the largest MLSs, franchisors and brokers, including California Regional MLS. And in their home state of Minnesota, they provide consumer search apps for two of the largest brokers—Edina Realty, a Berkshire Hathaway affiliate, and RE/MAX Results.

The new name and communications strategy has resonated with HomeSpotter’s customers, as well as investors. HomeSpotter just closed a $1.8 million round of funding, led by Brightstone Venture Capital, Confluence Capital Partners, Mike Bollinger and other angel investors. The funds will be used to enhance infrastructure and hire more developers.

Also included in the rebrand was a refreshed product strategy. “We’ve adjusted our product offerings to match the way in which our customers are buying our apps,” said Kardell.

For example, HomeSpotter’s Business and Enterprise solutions were combined into HomeSpotter Signature, offering a powerful base app that’s branded to each customer, with the ability to add feature packages. And MLSs can choose from Core and Premium versions of HomeSpotter for MLS.

“2015 will be an exciting year for our staff, customers and investors. In addition to the rebrand, we’ll have some major platform enhancements, new features and even a new product,” said Kardell.

Visit the new homespotter.com for updates, and for more information on products and careers.

# # #

About HomeSpotter—We’re obsessed with making home search apps that are beautiful and easy to use—connecting agents with their clients, in the field and on their phones. Tailored to each customer’s brand and MLS data, we provide apps to more than 200,000 agents throughout the United States and Canada, through brokers, agents and MLSs. Founded in 2009 as Mobile Realty Apps, HomeSpotter is headquartered in Downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota.


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