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Minnesota Startup ToggleGreen Seeking A UX Designer

Who do you know who is a freelance Designer looking for nights and weekend work for equity in a startup that could, if interested, turn into a full time role?

I am on the Advisory Board of ToggleGreen and we are looking for a Designer.

We have about 30 hours of work from now (Dec 15th) until Jan 1st and another 50 or so hours through January.

We don’t have a formal job description:

-No hand holding
-assertive, confident
-warp speed ramp up/onboarding
-flexible and a great communicator

This will have 30 hours of design work by the 1st. Most of the assets are done. We have a basic style guide and brand folder. We use JIRA for our PM tool, hipchat for communication. Expectation is to respond within 24 hours, and give a 24 hour heads up if an asset cannot be done by deadline. We are anti scope creep. Anything assigned has to be done through JIRA with at least a 24 hour heads up.

Lastly, for the right person they can have the keys to the UX kingdom. We'd prefer a long term UX lead/designer/director, etc.

I know what you are thinking… really, a startup? And for equity?

Check out this post from a month ago about why I am involved:

ToggleGreen Adds Paul DeBettignies To Its Advisory Board

So yeah, I am serious.

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