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I’m not a New Year’s Resolution kind of guy, I do a theme, but I usually have a couple of “things” I want to get done in the next year.

Thinking about 2015 one of those “things” is to help my friend’s network with each other.

I’ve had a number of conversations the past months where someone said something like:

I was having an issue with a non compete and I ended up with some bad advice.

    • And I was thinking if I had known I would have sent them to Teresa Thompson (disclaimer, she’s my wicked smart attorney).

My sister was looking for a senior level position with Minnesota non profit or community organization.

    • And I was thinking if I had known I would have sent them to Lars Leafblad.

I was looking for some WordPress help and I had a budget.

    • And I was thinking I would have sent them to Lindsi Gish or a bunch of others I know.

The one that tweaked me the most this week…

After weeks of working in coffee shops we were looking for some temporary work space and we didn’t… (I interrupted)

    • Dude, do you not see my checkins, photos, other updates when at CoCo MSP? WTH???

And that’s when I decided to do this.

Here’s something I have known for years and just never had took the time to try and tackle:

My friends are silo’d (is that really not a word?)

My Minnesota Recruiter and HR friends don’t my MIMA friends don’t know my Minnesota tech friends don’t know my Social Media Breakfast friends don’t know my college friends and on and on.

The point being I am frequently at an event standing with two friends when one says:

Hi, my name is…

And I blurt out:

How do you not know each other?

OK… you get the point.

Guidelines (because I hate rules):

Don’t be a jerk:

Obvious, right?


If you are shamelessly promoting an event, webinar, etc click the promotion button. If all you ever do is promote… I won’t let you stay long.


Yes, post them. If you have multiple jobs make 1 entry then list all the jobs. Jobs MUST be for your company.

NOTE: Search Firms can post jobs only if they list who their client is, like a retained search.

Don’t Spam:

If you want to post links to your content, cool. Only post links to your content, not cool. Post all the time, also not cool unless you are posting cool stuff.

After all that… to join click Minnesota Headhunter LinkedIn Group.

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