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Call Paul DeBettignies

I have had what started as a couple, and now grown to quite a few, comments the past months similar to:

  • We had some recruiting we needed help with and knowing how busy you are we called someone else

  • We have been Twitter friends since 2009 and when I needed some advice on my last job search I wanted to reach out to you but I know how busy you are

  • I wanted to bring you in and talk to our executive team about how you use different tools for recruiting but I saw your calendar on the blog and I didn’t think you would have time for us so I didn’t contact you

  • We have time to recruit but now so experienced in how. Do you do any training anymore?


Yes I am busy.

I am NEVER too busy to have the above conversations.

And since I am not yet retired that means I can always be more revenue producing busy.

I’ll tell you if I can do that search, training, coffee chat, recruiting strategy or not.

And if not I likely have someone just as smart and experienced but maybe not quite as cool as me who can.

So next time… call or email me. (Email is better)

Should I not get back to you right away, leave me another message and say, “You suck, reply to this”.



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