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ToggleGreen Adds Paul DeBettignies To Its Advisory Board

This spring (2014) I was contacted by Mike Stapp to talk about a startup he was working on. We were both working out of CoCo so getting together was easy. Mike walked me through his idea and I was intrigued.

Over the summer Mike’s idea took off and he was busy getting the product put together. I was busy working, fishing and sitting on a dock.

We reconnected this fall when Mike invited me to his office for a quick chat.

That lasted nearly two hours.

Mike walked me through the idea of ToggleGreen and I was jacked up about it. He asked if I would have interest in being on the ToggleGreen advisory board and I don’t think he finished asking the question before I said yes.

So what is ToggleGreen?

The test market is Minnesota IT and creative consultants, contractors and full time employees and the recruiters and companies looking to hire/employ them.

As an IT recruiter I spend A LOT of time talking with folks, finding them through my candidate database, LinkedIn, Twitter, from a referral, etc., who are not looking for a new gig or job. And… I find out that someone was available but has already found a new gig or job.

This is a horribly inefficient use of my time.

Now be a Minnesota IT professional in a tight labor market and receive many, many inquiries a week or month from someone like me.

Also a horribly inefficient use of time.

To make it simple… professionals can create a profile on ToggleGreen and let someone like me know if they are available now (green), going to be available soon (yellow) or not available (red).

For someone like me it helps my recruiting because I can both create talent pools (who I will need to hire down the road) and do just in time hiring (have a need this week).

ToggleGreen will make this highly inefficient “system” a whole lot easier.

There are and will be other features including a job board, referral bonus and more.

No BS… this is something I as a recruiter want to and will use and a tool I think consultants, contractors and FTE’s can better manage their career with.

I will be talking about ToggleGreen here on the blog, Twitter and LinkedIn like I do my clients and activities in the tech community. I will of course be adding #StartupLife to those posts along with #Advisor.



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Here is what I ask of you… tell me what you think. Now, next week and next quarter.

To close this out… here is a not so serious video about ToggleGreen:

Not quite the relief I'm looking for from ToggleGreen on Vimeo.


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