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LinkedIn Photo

24 hours ago I met with a late 20 something .Net developer. She has skills. Is easy to talk. But she is having problems with finding new jobs.

(wait for it)

Yeah, seriously… a .Net developer is having issues with recruiters (not) finding/contacting her.

Mostly because like a lot of developers the only way to be found is on LinkedIn. So with a bare bones profile it is not shocking that she is not being contacted.

After giving her a bunch of profile/content advice she says:

“I don’t know, what do you think … (long pause) … should I … (long pause) … have a photo on my LinkedIn profile?”

I must have had a, “are you freaking kidding me? Of course you should have a photo on your LinkedIn profile” look on my face.

She says:

“I see a lot of developers on LinkedIn without photos”

My reply:

“Generally, they’re wrong. They should likely have one too”

She says:

“It feels weird”

I say:

“You have a profile photo on Facebook and Twitter right? When I met you at the user group you did not have a mask on. So why be anonymous on LinkedIn?

She says (reluctantly):

“Yeah… I guess so”

On our way out we were walking by a brick wall (the cool exposed kind) and I said right here, right now let’s take a photo.

“Now?!?!?! Right here?!?!?!” Why not over there?”

I said:

“You mean the plain, pale wall that will make you look like either you posed for a school picture or just had a mug shot taken?”

We took a few photos. She picked out one she said was, “not as bad as the others” and posted it.

Forward to a few minutes ago I receive this text:


“Guess what? A really cool recruiter I met 2 months ago at the user group meeting contacted me”




“She found me on LinkedIn. Because of the photo she recognized me.”


“WOO HOO!!!”


“You were right”


“say that again”


“No :)”


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