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Conversation With Tech And HR Leaders… Minnesota IT Jobs And Hiring Numbers

This morning I had my 4th of 6 meetings this month with Tech and HR leaders talking about recruiting strategies to fill their Minnesota IT Jobs in 2015.

I have a bunch of stats, salary ranges, news stories, etc. and then we get into some examples of groups doing this well and those… not so much. Everyone leaves with a skeleton plan on what to do and then they can fill it in to best suit their group.

During these conversations I have noticed that attendees fall into three categories:

- Those who in my opinion “get it”. They understand this is a competitive time and for the past couple of years have been putting time and/or money into their recruiting. They are looking to fine tune their strategy and make the engine run better and faster. 15% of the groups are in this category.

- Those who in my opinion don’t “get it”. They think recruiting is about posting a job on their career site and Craig’s List. They have a 6 cylinder engine running on 4.5, see the “check engine” light on and ignore it. 25% of the groups are in this category.

- 60% of the groups fall into “are trying”. They have a 10 year old car with a little rust on it. They get OK gas mileage but don’t have the extra horsepower in the engine to pass anyone. Sooner or later it gets them where they are going and they know that there are not many miles left. The car needs to be replaced.

Basic recommendations I have been giving to the last group:

- CEO and senior leaders need to get into the game. They need to recruit too.

- Some time and money need to go into a career page and job posts. This is Marketing 101.

- Make time for interviews… IT pros don’t need to, many will not wait 2-3 weeks for a process.

- Have a “Why you should come work with us” statement ready. If you can’t come up with one… you have major issues.

- While salary is not always the #1 thing here in Minnesota it is in the top 4. If you are paying salaries that are not larger since the recession… time to ante up.

I look forward to seeing what the “get it” crowd is going to do in 2015… a few groups are going to get really (appropriately) aggressive.

The last two meetings are this week and I will post another “jobs report” like I did this summer.

Here is the Summer 2014 deck:



And here is the 32 minute or so audio:




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