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Social Media Salaries: Summer 2014

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Leading up to and following my Personal Branding Balancing Act: A Look Behind The Curtain at Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St Paul I had a number of inquiries about salaries in the Social Media space.

While well versed on Minnesota IT salaries I only had estimates on Social Media jobs.

Thankfully it turns out I was in the ballpark.

CIO.com has data from PayScale and posted it here with 10 Top Jobs by Salary for Social Media Pros.

Here are the salary highlights:

  • Internet Marketing Director - $97,400

  • Digital Strategist - $63,800

  • Content Marketing Manager - $63,300

  • Marketing Manager - $62,900

  • Public Relations Manager - $61,100

  • Online Community Manager - $47,800

  • Social Media Strategist - $46,800

  • Online Marketing Specialist - $45,600

  • Digital media Specialist - $44,000

  • Social Media Manager $43,800

I always caution folks on these surveys… industry, size of company and location matter. For example, a Digital Strategist at a small boutique firm in St Louis will not be making what a Digital Strategist is making for a large tech company in Silicon valley.

And they say as much:

While some of these jobs are more readily available at smaller businesses, the pay doesn’t usually match that provided by larger companies. The typical median pay in this field for businesses with up to 100 employees is $40,900 while businesses with more than 1,000 employees will pay an average of $58,400 for that same position, according to PayScale.

This is a good data point if you are doing Social Media salary research.

Do click on 10 Top Jobs by Salary for Social Media Pros as each job has some commentary to go along with it.

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