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Webinar: Maintaining And Growing A Recruiter Brand

This week… Wednesday , June 18th at 1 pm (CDT) I am doing a webinar with ERE (2nd in two months) sponsored by iCIMS:

Building Recruiter Brands for the Long Road Ahead

Over the past two years most of the recruiter and HR conferences have had a speaker hop on a soapbox and talk about how I important it is to have a professional brand.

Yet when you look at who is doing the teaching they are not usually doing any recruiting. They may be a great speaker, teacher and consultant but they have never (not recently) tried to recruit someone.

Do I sound like a snob? Probably.

Here’s the deal… most of those folks are working on their national speaking brand. I believe there is a BIG difference between that and a local or regional recruiter and HR brand.

What I mean is… what they post, on what sites, at what time and who they follow is different than trying to find, interact and build a relationship with a JavaScript Developer in Minneapolis, Social Media Specialist in Atlanta, Accountant in Portland or Director of Sales in Boston.

So that’s my mission for the ERE webinar this week.

I am going to show folks how to build a recruiter brand from my unique perspective as a local/regional recruiter in a niche space.

And if I do it right I will show folks how they can do a national niche brand or one in their very large company.

See… most folks do not have the ego to want to be the most well known recruiter in the country. Many of us are quite OK with our region, state, city and/or company.

Here is what I am going to cover…

How I use:

  • Minnesota Headhunter blog
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Foursquare
  • Newsletter


Feedback from candidates and clients

Tools I use (very basic am I)

Content (examples of what I post)

Successes and failures

What’s next


June 18, 2014

1 p.m. CDT

To register click:

Thanks to ERE and iCIMS for the opportunity to talk about this.

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