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IT Career Advice: Managing Your IT Career (video)

Minnesota Recruiter, Minnesota Headhunter, Minnesota IT Jobs, Paul DeBettignies

Videos from MinneBar 9 are posted including my “Managing Your IT Career v6 - (Why do recruiters suck so bad?)”.

We had a fun conversation and I only had one slide with a few bullet points I wanted to talk about:

  • I have an affliction
  • Why do recruiters suck
  • Hot IT skills
  • Jobs scene
  • Economy
  • Negotiate $5 an hour ($10K a year)
  • LinkedIn – Friend and Foe
  • No Ninjas

Besides my points we covered other topics including:

  • Getting a first job in IT
  • How to find cool companies to work for
  • IT salary negotiation

And yes… a lot of talk about why recruiters suck,

The video makes it seem like the room was empty… not the case. For some reason a lot of folks were sitting and standing at the back of the theater:

Minnesota Recruiter, Minnesota Headhunter, Minnesota IT Jobs, Paul DeBettignies

Here is the video… you may need to turn up the volume to hear the folks in the seats:


If you are looking for more perspective from me on maintaining your IT career here is a link to the 2013 presentation. It includes a bunch of slides:


And if you are looking for my take on the current IT jobs and salary scene in Minnesota click this:

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