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Paul DeBettignies Speaking At Social Media Breakfast: Personal Branding

Paul DeBettignies Speaker, Minnesota Recruiter

I am already thinking about a presentation I am going to be doing six weeks from now… a record for me. THAT’S how much I am looking forward to this one.

June 23rd I will be making my 5th appearance at Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St Paul… a group that is very near and dear to me.

Flashback many (Internet) years when I stumbled across the group because of Twitter. My 1st event was their 3rd and of the 66 events I am sure I have attended (in person or through the online stream) at least 50 of them.

This is where I found folks like me who were trying to figure out the social media stuff. Back when my Recruiter and HR folks said LinkedIn would not last, Twitter was a joke and writing the blog was a waste of time.

But I had a home at SMBMSP… those were (and still are) my people.

Now I learn from other practitioners and refine what I am doing… invaluable.

So to be asked to lead another session means a lot to me… this one a little more.


Personal Branding Balancing Act: A Look Behind The Curtain


June 23rd, 2014
8 am
Yeah, that’s a Monday and yeah, that’s early


Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St Paul #67

For starters, I am not a fan of “personal branding”.

Yes, I did pick the title.

I still prefer “reputation”. Before the Al Gore invented the Internet I had a logo, collateral and business card. Just because it is online does not make me a brand like Coke, Sun Country or Apple.

Yeah I know… I need to get over it.

What has been on my mind for the past few years is everywhere I turn I hear folks talk about the need for a personal brand. I read blog posts about needing a personal brand. I see folks trying to create a personal brand.

Rarely do we ever get to see one in action. What does it really look like? How much time and energy? What has worked and what has not?

Most important to me as a solo practitioner… is it worth it?

What I mean is, and at the most basic level… does having this brand thing help my business? Do I get more/better candidates and clients?

For me the answer is yes and there are other non monetary things that have come with it.

So I am going to pull back the curtain (no, not that way you creeper) and show what has gone into this Minnesota Headhunter thing of mine.

It’s not perfect, not even close. It has been messy for sure. There are days when I wonder if I should scale back.

It also has been freaking glorious, awesome, opened so many doors and most importantly made the “cold calls” not so cold.

For certain… with no doubt… it saved my business during the Great Recession.

This is not going to be about me and it is not going to be how cool I am. Besides… the folks who will be in the room that day, many of whom have known me for many years, would call “BS” on me.

It is going to be about lessons learned. The good, the meh and the what was I thinking.


If you want to get an inside look at one of the strongest “personal brands” in our area, what it took to create and now maintain and grow it, then this is a breakfast you will not want to miss.

Paul DeBettignies, aka “Minnesota Headhunter”, is going to show us how starting his blog in 2005 started him down a path of being one of the most recognized recruiters in the Midwest and how he has used his personal brand to strengthen his position in the Recruiter, HR and tech communities.

While Paul gets a media appearance, TV or print, about once a month and rarely has to make a “cold call” there have been speed bumps along the way. He is going to openly share successes and failures, how at times he has felt lost and how being a “regional” player is a blessing and a curse.

Topics will include:

  • Career management 
  • Business development, building a client pipeline
  • Metrics and tools
  • Time management
  • Doing “all of this” as a solo practitioner
  • Balancing the personal brand with having a life

Hopefully we can get Paul to talk a bit about how he is able to do all of this while being a self-described “passive-aggressive introvert”.

This is Paul’s 5th time speaking at SMBMSP and like his previous talks he promise to be highly interactive, casual and a lot of fun.


Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St Paul #67

If you are attending and have questions already on your mind send them to me and I will be sure to work them in the presentation

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