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Minnesota Morning… Minnesota IT Jobs, LinkedIn “How You Rank” And Summer In Minnesota

For those of us in the Upper Midwest when we talk about the Winter of 2014 we say “WINTER” with emphasis. We think it’s funny when family and friends “down south” talk about how cold it was.

We know better. When your snot freezes… THAT’S cold.

Thankfully that is past us now and across the state we had a most beautiful Memorial Day weekend. I posted some #LakeLife photos below…

Minnesota IT Jobs

I had a feeling it was long past time for me to start the and while sure the short term traffic spike is curiosity more than anything else… I think the numerous email I received from recruiter and IT friends is a good sign.

On the first batch of jobs posted there are 17 IT jobs… all full time and a mix of large companies and startups.

Another round of job will be posted later this evening.

LinkedIn “How You Rank”

Last week LinkedIn announced a new feature, “How You Rank”. Yep, it is as simple as it sounds.

When you are on LinkedIn the right hand column under “Who's Viewed Your Profile” where you can see who has stopped by your profile you can also now see how you rank with your connections.

After seeing how I rank I posted this:

I still don’t know how I feel about being in the Top 6% (kinda cool) and #315 (not so cool).

Well played LinkedIn… I know there are a lot of suckers out there like me who are thinking about this.

To find more about why this may matter to you click on this LinkedIn blog post:

Make the Most of Who’s Viewing Your LinkedIn Profile with ‘How You Rank’

Minnesota Summer 2014 

I Tweeted last Tuesday that it appeared traffic and parking was lighter than normal in Downtown Minneapolis. I noticed it on Wednesday too and the number of email and phone calls were becoming fewer too.

I left town Thursday early in the morning and by late in the day it seemed as if everyone had stopped working.

That was fine by me… I needed to decompress a bit.

And I did (photos I posted on Twitter and Instagram):

Lake Le Homme Dieu sunset Thursday:

Lake Le Homme Dieu, Minnesota Sunset Lake Le Homme Dieu, Minnesota Sunset

See… there was some “work” done Friday and then a Lobster Lake sunset:

Minnesota Headhunter Working Lobster Lake, Minnesota Sunset Lobster lake, Minnesota Sunset

Saturday we did our family drive through the country and placed flowers at the cemeteries:

Kensington Runestone Park Kensington Runestone Park Kensington Runestone Park Dirt Road Driving Two Lane Of Freedom Memorial Day

I caught my first fish that was sorta work taking a photo of, yes it was released:

Paul DeBettignies Fishing

And then watched the sun go down:

Lobster Lake, Minnesota Sunset Lobster Lake, Minnesota Sunset Lobster Lake, Minnesota Sunset

Sunday started well…

Beer By The Lake, #LakeLife

Then turned cloudy…

Lake Carlos

So went for a drive and came across this #mnsunsets:

Minnesota Sunset

Memorial Day was cloudy much of the day with some late afternoon rain. Took another drive and came across this amazing view at Lake Agnes:

Lake Agnes, Minnesota Sunset Lake Agnes, Minnesota Sunset Lake Agnes, Minnesota Sunset

Lake Agnes, Minnesota Sunset Lake Agnes, Minnesota Sunset

And today I am working before driving back to Minneapolis. Unfortunately… my Intern only associates me with walks, naps and lakes.

She does not understand the four letter word “work”:

Minnesota Recruiter Intern

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