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Minnesota Headhunter Brown Bag Lunch: Metrics And Analytics

HR and Recruiter Brown Bag Lunch

A few weeks ago I wrote about how I wanted to get some HR and Recruiter friends together and have lunch, catch up, talk about “stuff”… whatever that may be.

Click to see more about the idea:

Minnesota Headhunter Brown Bag Lunch With Recruiter And HR Friends

I received a bunch of positive feedback and was surprised that a number of folks asked if a topic could be done during lunch. Something informal and conversational versus a “presentation”.

Yep, that’s easy.

Here goes the first one…

We are going to talk about metrics and analytics. This topic comes from a blog post a month ago:

Conversation With A Director of HR… We Don’t Track Career Page Visitors

I was/am surprised with how little information many of my colleagues have when it comes to their company web site, career page stats like visitors, views, which jobs were clicked on how many times, etc.

And on Twitter how few are using a URL shortener to know if anyone clicked on the Tweet.

So that’s what we are going to talk about.

Event info…


June 5, 2014 (NEW DATE)
11:30 am - 1:00 pm


CoCo Downtown Minneapolis


Recruiter and HR pro (those who do the job of sourcing and recruiting)

Info will be geared towards my corporate colleagues

How many:

25 (space is very limited)

Where to park:

For those driving in (not already in the downtown area) click parking for a map. I will have $5 vouchers for those parking in the Gateway Ramp. There may be street/metered parking available


See that “Brown Bag” at the top? Yep, you’re bringing your own.  The Grain Exchange is in an area with a large number of places to pick up food to go

I will have coffee, tea and water

There is a convenience store on the 1st floor to pick up soda and snacks


Free… I am covering the meeting space and beverages

Register (click):

Metrics And Analytics


Do not register unless you are firmly committed to attending

I am no longer in the event management game and do not want to get back into it

Will there be more of these?


Likely once a month and the next two topics will be:

Recruiter and HR branding

Social Media and the Law

If you can’t make this event but want to know about future ones and other things I am doing click one of the icons below.

Questions can be sent to paul@mnheadhunter.com

Stay in touch with me by clicking:

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