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Interview with RecruiterEco: Recruiting, Startups And Hot IT Skills

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I had a chance to chat with Jim Shaki at RecruiterEco - @RecruiterEco - this week about a bunch of different things including:

  • How did I become a recruiter

  • What are hot areas in IT besides in healthcare

  • What the startup market is like and what skills are in demand

  • The importance of technology, social media and how that plays with interviewing candidates

  • This blog has been around for 9+ years… what am I excited about today

  • What I would change about recruiting if I could

The conversation lasts for 13:49… to hear it click:

Radio Interview with Paul DeBettignies “Minnesota Headhunter”

After listening stick around the site. There is A LOT of content for Recruiter, Staffing and HR professionals.

Hey Jim, thanks for the fun conversation.

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