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Debut: Minnesota IT Job Board

I did it!!!

If you are a friend of mine or have had a conversation with me about Minnesota IT jobs or recruiting in Minnesota in the last say… five years, you have likely heard me say something like:

“(rant) I should just start posting jobs and help spread the word”

Well… check this one off the “to do” list:

is live.

About time, right?

For now I am going to host it here as an extra page on Minnesota Headhunter until I know it has some traction and yes, I have a bunch of appropriate domain names. I’ve had them for many, many years.

The page is still a work in progress but I want to put it out there now so I don’t sit on it for another few weeks.

I do have the first 10 jobs posted.

Here are the categories:

Full Time

Consulting – Contracting

Part Time - Evenings – Weekends

And then any of those jobs that fall under this:


For my Recruiter and HR friends here are the highlights:

- No charge to post for the foreseeable future

- Posts stay for 30 days or until filled

- For now I am posting so send me your content paul@mnheadhunter.com

- No search firm or consulting firm sub contract jobs. If you are doing the hiring, I will post them.

- For more info click:

For my Minnesota IT friends (and those looking to relocate here) click:

And if you are really wondering why this has been on mind and why now I finally got off my butt click:

So there it is… finally!!!

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Heather Seely

Congrats!! This is awesome, buddy!!!

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