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Far and away the most frequently asked question I receive is, “Hey, do you have time for coffee?”

I want to say yes but for starters… I don’t like coffee.

Seriously, I don’t.

For many Downtown Minneapolis or the Warehouse District where I spend most of my time during the work day is not convenient for many people.

And I do my best thinking when I am walking around be it by the river, lake or pacing on the phone. Sitting in a chair in a coffee shop is not where I do my best work.

So I have come up with an idea… do a monthly webinar with a “theme”.

I will pick some topics and questions to cover and rely on those who are attending to ask the questions they have as if we were having coffee.

I will prepare some slides and have access to a live screen so we can interact as needed.

The sessions may be archived so when others have the time to hear the info they can and then build on the questions that will come from those listeners for future coffees.

Info on the first coffee:


    • Minnesota IT Jobs and Salaries


  • May 22 at 2 pm CT


  • Free (no really, free)


Who may have interest:

  • For sure IT pros… those doing the work
  • Maybe IT Managers to CIO’s
  • Maybe HR and Recruiters

With the presentations at MinneBar 9, my Minnesota IT Job And Salary Spring 2014 Report, numerous chats at CoCo and IT user groups and my creating in the next days a Minnesota IT Job Board, IT pros from the Help Desk to CIO have a lot of questions including:

  • Hiring trends

  • What skills are “hot”

  • What is the average annual bump in salary

  • What companies are hiring

  • How do I find jobs that are not posted

  • How to work with search and consulting firm recruiters

  • What’s the MN startup community like, is this a good time to work for a startup

  • I am a (fill in the blank) developer should I learn (fill in the blank)

Those are the questions I am going to start with… what is on your mind?

Ask questions… there is a comment section when you register or send them to me paul@mnheadhunter.com

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