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IT Contractors… How Long Are You Locked Up For?

IT Consultant Exclusivity

Jerry Albright (@Jerry_Albright) a colleague of mine, CEO of Professional Search Group in Indiana, has a Facebook group for Recruiters (those of us who make placements) and we share stuff about what is going in our business. Today he posted something that if I were an IT contractor… I would want to know about.

As I understand it Jerry submitted “Moe” for a contract position at “Widgets, Inc”. Jerry learned “Moe” had been submitted months ago for a different position at “Widgets, Inc” through another contract shop. The bill rate was not something the client was going to pay and it did not help “Moe” was not a great fit for that particular gig.

That happens.

When Jerry submits “Moe” for this other gig “Widgets, Inc” says “Moe” is locked out for opportunities there for 12 months.

12 months???

I see 2 months regularly but 12 months is absurd.

So I post this not to debate the length or business practice.

For the IT Consultants… if it were me I would want to know what arrangements (exclusivity) any consulting group has at a client before being submitted.

You are asking about this…right?

UPDATED: Locked up = locked out... I could have worded this better

UPDATED: I do understand there is a period after a gig ends that should a company want to engage with contractor... this is about someone who DID NOT work at a company, client.


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