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How Much Do Recruiters Make?

A few weeks ago I posted and received a number of email from search firm owners and recruiters wondering about salary and bonus plans.

I had some basic information and it turns out… my numbers were high. At least when compared to the Bullhorn Money Talks: The 2014 Compensation Report (free - registration required).

Maybe my Minnesota colleagues make more… or maybe they are fudging, I don’t know. A little bit of both is my guess.

There is a bunch of good information that search firm owners, search firm recruiters and sales pros will want to see including average salaries by:

  • Size of firm

  • Industry recruited

  • Temp vs contract vs contingent vs retained

Here is the Average Compensation By Role for all respondents (other numbers are higher):

How Much Do Recruiters Make, Average Search Firm Compensation

There are also numbers for average accepted billings in a year.

On a scale of “no way” and “absolutely” should you register to get access I would go with absolutely.

Clearly I did.

One thing to note and this will not shock anyone… I think Recruiters are paid way too low.

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