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Conversation With A Director of HR… We Don’t Track Career Page Visitors

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I had a conversation with a Director of HR and they asked me to look at their new career site and tell them what I thought.

It looks good and to me a big improvement over what they had before. And I was curious… if, how has traffic changed?

They told me:

“We don’t track that stuff”

And I thought to myself and then said out loud:

“Whaddya mean you don’t track this stuff?”

How do they know if the new look and navigation has increased visitors, views and ultimately candidates and hires?

I am a freak about metrics and I measure as best I can with the time and tools I have:

I know how many times a link (job post, article, etc) has been clicked from Twitter.

I know what sites are referring people to me like Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

I know what content is viewed the most.

I generally know the best time and day to do work and job related posts and social updates.

I suggest that my Recruiter and HR colleagues should want to know this stuff too.

Not knowing if a job is being viewed, a career page is being visited or what content is most popular to me is like having a broken toe while running a marathon.

I can still do it but I am not going to as efficient as I could be.

And I don’t necessarily blame my Recruiter and HR friends for this.

Many times those in charge of the web site (marketing, IT or operations depending on size of company) don’t share the information. Or worse… they may not know what they are doing.

Here is what I would ask for be it at a startup or a Fortune 500 company (this is a start, not a complete list):

How many visitors & unique visitors to the company site

How many visitors and unique visitors to the career page or wherever you post jobs and work info

Views of each job… if you have a lot this could be annoying

Views of other career content… stuff with links other than jobs

Referrals… where is the traffic coming from

Keywords… how are people finding us

That is some basic information that over time will give you an idea if things are working or not.

For those Tweeting… use a URL shortener (I use Google) to track clicks.

As a “one man band” I need to know if my blog (company page), landing page (career page) and jobs are being viewed.

I can then try new things, do more of the things that work and stop doing those that don’t.

Not knowing this info is running the marathon without a map and not knowing where the finish line is.

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