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Recruiters Behaving Badly I: Are You Out Of Funding

Series: Recruiters Behaving Badly

With the increase in competition for IT professionals and the increase in the number of Recruiters who have little or no recruiting experience (or common sense it seems) the number of “horror” stories I am hearing at user group and tech events is increasing.

A lot.

At the end of April I am doing a training for a regional IT consulting firm and one of the topics we are covering is how not to be a “Dumb A$$ Recruiter”.

While funny, sort of, I did not pick the topic title.

The owner of the firm did and he added $$ not to be cute and not swear… he did it to remind his team that being a “Dumb A$$ Recruiter” hurts the firm and the recruiters financially.

It’s just bad business.

So here is a request and you do not need to be in IT… what are your recent “Recruiter Behaving Badly” stories?

I already have a couple:

One where a recruiter asks a developer to remove their resume from a job board.

One where a startup is not currently hiring and the CEO, who asks the recruiter to stop sending unsolicited resumes, is then asked if they ran out of funding.

While both of the examples are from search/consulting firm recruiters I know my corporate recruiter and HR friends are not immune from this.

So what do you have?

I am looking for your examples be they email, phone or interviews. You don’t need to embellish them… my bet is they are bad enough as it is.

I don’t want to know the name of the groups and I will not use your name.

Send me an email paul@mnheadhunter.com

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