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New Target Dress Code: Dress For Your Day

Last week Target announced a new dress code that has been received very well by their employees and contractors.

While I have not seen the internal memo sent to Target employees I did get a version that was sent out to consulting firms with contractors on site:


Dress for your day was announced at Target Headquarters this afternoon, replacing the dress code that exists today. We ask that you share the guidelines below with your employee’s on assignment at Target today, and in the future. Please ask that they take the time to review the policy and ensure that it is followed. Note, the new policy is effective immediately.

Dress For Your Day Guidelines:

What does “Dress for Your Day” mean? It’s pretty simple. Use good judgment when deciding what to wear every day, with just a few basic guidelines. Consider what your workday looks like, and take it from there.

For example:

  • If you have a big day, you might wear something like a dress or a suit, or maybe even dressy jeans and a blazer.
  • If your day is more low-key, jeans and a nice polo or a sweater might be the answer.
  • And remember, red and khaki is always appropriate.

If you love being dressed to the nines and aren’t ready to pack away your ties or pencil skirts, don’t worry – you can dress up whenever you choose. Dress for Your Day is all about showing your individuality in an appropriate, good-judgment kind of way. Utilize the rule that if you are questioning whether a certain piece should be worn, probably best to not wear it

The list below contains examples of items that are never acceptable while assignment at Target:

  • Heavily worn shoes, rubber flip flops, or Birkenstock-style sandals
  • Clothing with potentially offensive graphics or words
  • Shorts, overalls, sweats, workout clothes or jogging suits
  • Hats or caps, unless medically necessary
  • Women:
      • Leggings unless worn with an appropriate length dress, skirt or top
      • Halter tops, sheer or revealing clothing (e.g., bare midriffs, short miniskirts, tube tops)
      • Spaghetti-strap tops or dresses unless covered by a jacket or sweater

If you have any questions regarding the new guidelines, please contact a member of the Contractor and Consultant Management Team.

From the Target web site Target headquarters team members dress for their day:

Target headquarters doesn’t have a dress code per se—instead, we have a loose framework called “Dress for Your Day.” What does “Dress for Your Day” mean? It’s pretty simple. We ask that team members use good judgment when deciding what to wear to work, with just a few basic guidelines.

For example, a big day might call for something like a dress or a suit, or maybe even dressy jeans and a blazer. For a low-key day, jeans and a nice polo might be the answer. Target team members do a lot of volunteering, and on those days they show their Target pride by wearing a Target Volunteer t-shirt. And regardless of the day, red and khaki is always in style at headquarters, just like in our stores.

My take on this… this should have happened a while ago.

I know in many situations when folks just flat out said they would not go to work at Target because of the dress code. In particular IT pros were not a fan of the old policy.

Me… I like it. I would wear a suit every day but the IT community is just not that formal.

Target is a good place to work and I hope they quickly recover from the security breach and layoff.

This new dress code policy should help them with recruiting.

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And from FOX 9 who I think had the story first:


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