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Minnesota Recruiter Contract Rates Spring 2014

As recruiting gets more and more competitive in Minneapolis the number of inquiries I am receiving that sound like:

Hey Paul, you know any available IT contract recruiters?

How much is a contract recruiter going to cost me?

Do I know any available IT contract recruiters?

No. They are all working.

How much?

That depends.

I asked a bunch of friends what they are seeing for rates and it mostly jived with what I have been seeing.

I also sent an email to Adam Sprecher, Managing Director at SALO. Adam is my “go to guy” when I am looking for trends, news, salaries and in general “what is going on” in Minneapolis kind of stuff.

What I sent him is in plain text and his reply in bold:


$20-30 hour (1-5 years) this is accurate

Very experienced generalist

Up to $40 hour (10+ years 40-55, especially if engineering or sales)

Average tech recruiter

To $30 (more than 3 years tech 40-60)

Very experienced tech recruiter

To $70 (very experienced 60-65, direct, not through a firm. I only know a handful of recruiters who even get this direct in this market)

Of course the info above depends on experience, track record and duration.

Send me an email, tell me what you think paul@mnheadhunter.com

If you are a contract recruiter or are in need of one here is Adam’s contact info:

AdamSprecher@salollc.com | Adam on Twitter | Adam on LinkedIn

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