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This is an idea that I have had for more than a year now and I want to float it out “there” and see what happens.

Back when I was coordinating the Minnesota Recruiters group I never had time to see friends and make new ones at events. I was busy making sure wireless microphones had batteries, slides were ready and we had enough coffee.

After an event there were always a number of email exchanged with friends with something like:

Hey I saw you, but you were busy.

Were you there? I didn’t see you.

We should get together the next week or two.

And it never happened.

I missed the last Minnesota Recruiters event… and this was the first one I had no official duties with. I was really looking forward to some good conversation.

Saying all that, here is my idea…

I spend a lot of time at CoCo, the Downtown Minneapolis coworking space in the Minneapolis Grain Exchange. It’s a fantastic space. Here is a partial view of the space from the balcony:

CoCo Minneapolis

We have a conference room that can easily seat around 25 people and I am thinking we should use it for a Recruiter (HR folks too) lunch.

Nothing fancy… bring your own or stop in a skyway restaurant and pick something up.

For those not in downtown there is plenty of parking meters around the building (2 hr max) and we have $5 parking (all day) in the ramp across the street.

Here’s the agenda… there is no agenda.

Get a group of people together and talk.

About anything.

Heck… we can talk about the weather, Major League All Star game in Minneapolis, recruiting stuff, shop talk and what your crazy kid last weekend. Photos would be nice.


For those interested… if you can take a half or full day and work in the CoCo space I can easily arrange that. And I would love to have you hang out with me.

I am planning on doing this late April or mid May.

What do you think?

If this is something you would have interest in send me an email

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