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Free Webinar: Do Your Job Ads Suck? Let Me Help You Fix Them

Hey Recruiter, HR pro, Hiring Manager, CEO… yeah you... pause for a moment… take a look at your job descriptions… do they suck?

Yeah, I thought so.

For most of you (us) we don’t even need to look to know the answer.

April 10, 2014 at 2 pm (ET) I am doing a free (yes, free) webinar hosted by ERE and sponsored by BirdDog.

Here is my angle on this… I help startup and tech companies recruit IT pros. And there is some (a lot of) competition for them from other startups to the Fortune 500 companies.

You don’t have to be off the grid crazy but you can’t, in my opinion, be boring. Why not talk about company culture (if you have one), what work is being done (if public about it), what problems need to be solved, etc.

Whether you are a startup in Seattle, an interactive agency in the Minneapolis Warehouse District, a manufacturing company in a 2nd ring suburb of Kansas City or hiring a call center on the East Coast what I am going to talk about should be of some help to you.

Here is the summary of the session (below are some more notes):

Are your job posts falling short on delivering results?  Find yourself thinking that job boards just don’t work?  Whoa – hold on a minute!  Join Paul DeBettignies, the “Minnesota Headhunter”, for this complimentary one hour webinar, sponsored by BirdDog, and he will show you how to write winning job posts, how to maximize the tools job boards offer, how to measure your results, and much more.  Stop writing lackluster job posts!  After spending an hour with Paul, you’ll understand the importance of adding video to your posts – and how to do it – along with many more tips to take right back to your desk to immediately improve results.  Sign up now!

Can’t attend? No problem! Sign up and receive a recording to view at a time that is more convenient for you!

This webinar is sponsored by BirdDog HR.

To register click:

ERE Webinar – Is Your Job Post Telling the Right Story?

This session may be for you if:

- Your job titles look like => “Sftw Mgr”

- You copy and paste from someone else’s post on a job board

- People don’t know who you are… that you are hiring

- You take step back… take a couple more… you saw a job post from your company and you would not apply

- You have 30 bullet points (that’s sarcasm)

- No one is applying

- You need to learn some simple steps on how to measure views

- Are not taking advantage of the job boards tools to make these things look better.

- Are thinking about video or an alter

- You have been using the same job description for 5+ years

This is going to be a fun session with some humor and sarcasm, A LOT of slides (screenshots) and some “to do’s”.

If you plan on listening and have topics you want covered, questions answered or just want to say “hey” send me an email

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