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Event: Jennifer McClure Presenting At MNTRN

Event: MinneDemo #16


Tonight is MinneDemo #16 and as usual I am jacked up for it.

Much of my time for the past weeks has been spent hanging with the Recruiter and HR crowd. I like them, I really do but…

The tech folks are doing things. Making things. Dreaming… dreaming big.

And I need to be around that vibe for a few hours.

2 lots of 350 tickets were made available and each were gone in 30 minutes.

If you wanted to go but don’t have a ticket there will likely be a live stream. Click MinneDemo live stream

And if you want to assure yourself of tickets to these events you can do so by becoming a Community Supporter. $100 for the year allows you a guaranteed ticket. A whole lot easier than hitting “refresh” every 5 seconds leading up to a ticket release.

Here are the folks with demo’s:

Filter8: Protect your users with powerful content filtering and moderation.

PCs for People: PCs for People presents an automated Windows 7 deployment and custom .Net utilities that will fully refurbish a computer in less than 7 minutes

Tourney Mobile: Sport Ngin Tourney Mobile redefines the amateur sports tournament experience for organizers, participants & fans through social engagement and real-time results

Luçi: Luci Visual Curation is an online platform that helps people make visual decisions by organizing and sharing media.

Kidizen: Kidizen is a community marketplace to buy and sell gently used kids clothing, toys, maternity, and more.

CartStack: CartStack is an abandoned shopping cart monitoring and remarketing plugin for ecommerce websites.

Scrapm: iOS review of key beta features including hallway, selfies, photobomb and yearbook pages.

I usually attend these events to see friends and make new ones so not a hardcore recruiting event for me.

Saying that, if you are looking for a new job, want to talk about your upcoming annual review or just in general wondering what the Minnesota IT job market is like find me.

If you don’t see me send me an email paul@mnheadhunter.com

I am working on the following projects:

Mobile Realty Apps


    • Node.js Engineer
    • Ruby Developers
    • Implementation Manager

Bernick’s (St Cloud)

Hearth and Home Technologies

Networking for a few groups who are looking for:

    • CTO
    • Software Manager (managing people, teams)
    • Freelance WordPress Developers

Last note… MinneBar 9 will be April 12, 2014 at Best Buy HQ’s

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