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Event: Jennifer McClure Presenting At MNTRN

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The first event of 2014 for MNTRN (Minnesota Technical Recruiters Network) is February 28th from 8 am to 10 am at the Radisson Blu - Mall of America in Bloomington.

My dear friend Jennifer McClure (Unbridled Talent - @JenniferMcClure - LinkedIn) is speaking and her topic is:

Becoming a Recruiting Ringmaster in the Employment Circus

This is Jennifer’s 4th or 5th trip to Minnesota to speak to a Recruiter and HR group. I am a BIG fan of her personally and professionally and look forward to seeing her again.

The event is open to members and non members of MNTRN.

To register click:

MNTRN Event - Jennifer McClure


Jennifer McClure is a popular speaker who has spoken at over 175 industry-related conferences and events and she s provided workshops and training for HR, recruiting and leadership teams at a variety of organizations - including Fortune 100 clients.

In the employment circus, Recruiters function much like Ringmasters - stage-managing the performance, introducing the various acts and guiding both prospective candidates and hiring managers through what is meant to be an extraordinary and engaging experience.

But much like the challenges for the modern-day Circus, the world of work has changed. It's no longer sufficient to come to town, set up a Big Top and post flyers in order to fill the seats. Today's organizations must use new technologies and new methods of creating buzz to attract, recruit and retain a diverse audience in a world full of distractions and increased competition.

As the employment circus has evolved, the role of the Recruiter has also changed. In order to successfully coordinate the amazing and often unpredictable acts within the process, we must now be great storytellers, create audience connection, focus on systems thinking and embrace disruption. Those who master these skills are ready for the role of Ringmaster in the Greatest Show on Earth!

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