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Minnesota Morning: How Do You Spend Your Jelly Beans?

Jelly Bean

Something big has been nagging me for a long, long time and I had not been able to figure it out. There have been little parts of this over the past year that “clicked” with me like “What do you want” but this bigger thing…

It’s been nagging at me for a year and a half and today I saw the bigger picture.

It happened during the message at Eagle Brook Church this morning. They are doing a series called “Simplify”… well timed with the post holiday craziness.

This weekend’s topic:

Controlling Your Calendar

I immediately felt myself tighten up… I felt stressed.

I started sweating a little… seriously. If you know me and were sitting next to me you likely would have noticed I was uncomfortable.

What is this “big” thing?

How am I spending my time.

Not so much the how but the what.

What is getting my time… and why.

And that I have let it control me instead of me controlling it.

During the talk today this video was played… and all I can think about this afternoon is how am I spending my jelly beans:

This past week I had a number of conversations about speaking, teaching and training and if webinars or in person (travelling) was the best way to get the information out.

I noticed that in each conversation there was something on my mind

How much time is this going to take.

And what else could I be doing with that time.

During one conversation about an event that would take place this summer I blurted out:

“But I just want to go fishing”

Maybe I need to listen to that a little more.

Family, friends, work, volunteering, “fishing”… life.

Jelly beans… how are you spending yours?

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