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Minnesota Jobs Scene: Q1 2014

I started writing this post more than a week ago and set it aside to work on a couple of other things. With the Target layoff announcement yesterday I thought I should pick this up. See my .

There have been a number of “what happens next” from former Target employees and local and national media wondering about the Minnesota jobs scene.

When I first started writing this I was surprised at the number of companies who were saying they were unsure of their 2014 hiring plans.

And a large number of people who are still thinking about their job and career path and they are wondering what the market is like… is this time to make a move.

With the Target folks it is more immediate, like right now… what are they going to find.

Let’s see if I can handle this well enough for the moment with this one post.

I have a bunch of anecdotal data from hiring managers, companies, associations and personal observations here in Minnesota and I believe that generally we have a positive jobs scene:

  • The number of I have posted from Q4 2013 to these first weeks of Q1 2014 has never been higher in the 6 years I have been posting them. Obviously a really good sign
  • IT, my expertise, has continued its series of upticks and plateaus in hiring… like a staircase. Not like the dot com days (thankfully) but definitely a competitive market similar to the one before the “Great Recession”
  • Adding on to the previous point… demand for Project Managers and Business Analysts continues to be strong. Another good sign. You need these folks when you have projects going on.
  • Recruiter Spam on LinkedIn groups and through InMail is increasing. This has been an issue in IT for more than a year and now seeing it in other skill sets. Lots of HR and Recruiter pros pitching jobs.
  • Attendance at user group and associations is strong and when you ask folks what kind of a mood are they in they say good. This was not the case during the recession.
  • The number of blog posts and articles about a skills gap, lack of qualified candidates (more on this in a moment), etc is growing
  • The number of phone calls, email and “can we get together” requests I am receiving is getting to be a bit much… I ‘m not complaining. A lot of HR, Recruiters and business owners are trying to figure out how to fix their recruiting problem

What do I think? I think ‘14 is going to be like ‘13… a little more of it:

  • If you were having a hard time recruiting in ‘13 if you don’t change some things it will be more difficult in ‘14
  • If you are getting a bunch of calls from my Recruiter and HR friends… you will get more of them
  • Feeling better about the economy and their situation at home, I think more folks are going to make job/career changes. Or at least think about it.
  • If you are doing a job search and it has been difficult I think it will continue to be so. You need to, in my opinion, get more aggressive.

Now to some surveys, statistics and reports (I will do all these as separate posts in the next days):

Today Minnesota Jobs December 2013 numbers were released by the State of Minnesota:

  • 4.6% unemployment (U.S. 6.5%) this is unchanged. Yes jobs were created and more folks are in the workforce. It’s a “wash”
  • +9500 jobs in December
  • November revised +1700 to
  • 45,900 Minnesota jobs created in ‘13
  • 11 of 12 industries created jobs in 2013
  • ’13 Minnesota job growth was 1.7% (U.S. 1.6%)

At the beginning of the month the Minneapolis Federal Reserve released Minneapolis Fed Forecasts Moderate Growth for Minnesota in 2014

  • I would call this slow and sure growth. ‘14 will look like ‘13

Last week we had this from BMO: Minnesota Business Owners Looking Forward to Growth in 2014

  • These numbers reflect what I am hearing although the sample size is a bit low and maybe a bit optimistic

Click Federal Reserve January 2014 Minneapolis Beige Book

  • This gets a bit wonky… more of what is said above

A Midwest region look to the economy comes from the Mid-America Business Conditions Index and Slow 2014 Start for Mid-America

  • A less positive look and understandable because things in our area tend to be more positive

A look at the bigger picture with the CareerBuilder Annual Job Forecast and the Manpower Q1 2014 Job Forecast


If you are wondering… yes I am this nerdy with jobs and economic statistics.

I hope this helps… if you have any questions on the above information send me an email


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