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Conversation With A Target Employee… 6 Job Search Tips

While grabbing my mail yesterday I bumped into a neighbor, call him “Fred”, I had not seen in a while and after some “is it cold enough for you” conversation I was reminded that he works at Target.

Fred was not one of those laid off… he is still walking the skyway to work.

He asked if I had a few minutes to talk some things out, of course.

Essentially Fred is concerned about the future of his job and wanted to know what he should be doing to be prepared in case something happens to him.

There are the two basic, obvious things:

  • Update the resume
  • Update the LinkedIn profile (I suggested he turn his profile off over the weekend, make the updates and turn it back on Sunday night. This way the update notifications do not go out)

We went over a number of things… here are the highlights:

- Fred registered for a couple of upcoming industry events. He has not been networking much and while current on the “cool stuff” going on his space he does not know the local people in it.

- I showed Fred my Twitter list of Minneapolis Recruiter and HR pros and suggested he start following those he may want to get to know.

- Speaking of social networking… we created a simple calendar for him to use as a reminder to post things on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. While mildly active I suggested he get a little more. Engage with peers, “cool kids” and my Recruiter colleagues.

- Make friends with the Search Firm Recruiters that have been calling him. He has dismissed them, he never calls them back. While “we” have our own agenda we can be a good source of information, competitive intelligence. And help them find who they are looking for… earn some Karma points.

- Job alerts feeds from aggregators like Indeed and LinkUp, big job boards and niche/industry ones too. Monitor the group/association web site(s) job board. LinkedIn group too.

- Proactively reach out to companies. Specifically those with “titles” (CxO, VP, Director, Manager). Yes this can be a scary thing. Minneapolis & St Paul is a very large, small town. Six degrees of separation? Not here. My guess is 2.3 degrees. He needs to get over it and politely remind who he is speaking with that his is a confidential search.

A few administrative things as a reminder:

  • Don’t use company email or computer
  • Don’t change behavior
    • When you come and go
    • What you wear
    • Private calls in the conference room or hallway

And this needs to be said… our conversation was not about him leaving Target. He likes it there and he is in a good place.

But given the current issues it does make some sense for him to be proactive… manage his career.

My hope is he stays there and kicks some butt.

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