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Minnesota Morning: Minnesota Headhunter LLC Is One Year Old

Downtown Minneapolis

It’s Friday evening December 20th, 2013 and all day something has been bothering me… like I knew I was forgetting about something important.

That nagging feeling.

Most of the work stuff was done. Holiday activities taken care of. End of the week email sent out.

And then it hit me while I was pulling up the blog and looking out the window…

One year ago today Version 4 of my professional career kicked off with the business registration of Minnesota Headhunter, LLC.

It’s been a good year and what feels like for the first time in these 15 years… I know what I am doing. It all makes sense to me. Some clarity.

What I mean is, the recruiting part has always been “easy”. It’s the revenue stream and how to package what I can do that has been a bit of a struggle.

The past year recruiting for and advising startups and tech companies on how to recruit with some speaking and teaching at conferences and events has been the most fun I have ever had.

Having a more predictable revenue stream has made me a much happier fella.

I am looking forward to expanding and doing more of this in 2014.

Each of the past few years I have had a “saying”. Something simple and short that was a reminder of what where I was at, what I needed to be working on.

2013 is “It’s Time”.

2014 came to me yesterday while looking at my summer 2013 #LakeLife photos: “Full Sails”.

I feel like I finally have the wind at my back and to use this year’s saying, it’s time to set sail.

There is a lot yet to do these last two weeks of the year in preparation for January 6th… the first full work week of 2014.

One of them is a high number of blog posts that need to be written.

There are a lot of events, conferences and business things that need to be written. I don’t plan on getting to them all but since around Labor Day there is a lot of content I want to share.

So for those of you who read this from the RSS feed my apologies in advance. Your reader is going to be busy.

For those catching this as a single post I am not going to promote on , or all of the content. Come back every few days to see what has been updated.

Things like:

Recaps from conferences and events

Lots of hiring surveys and job statistics

A fantastic Gopher football season

And A LOT of pictures

There will also be some current content to write about too so this is going to get messy with posts from two months ago and one that is current.

Most important of all these will be a lessons learned post on January 6th that will wrap up the past two years. Definitely something you will want to read.

Stay tuned…

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