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Conversation With A HR Director… “Why Is It So Difficult To Hire A Recruiter?”

Q4 2013 Trend: Minnesota Companies Hiring Jr Recruiters And Coordinators

There are a number of noticeable trends in the Minnesota hiring scene right now. One of the most obvious is the hiring of Junior Recruiters and Recruiting Coordinators.

To the point now that the I am asked the following almost equally:

Do you know any developers looking?


Do you know any recruiters looking?

The recruiting of recruiters is always a positive sign. It means companies are hiring now and plan to in the near future.

Last year almost to the day I posted this:

I was little concerned about what I was seeing and it turns out all three points were true to some extent:

There was a natural pause after a long hiring frenzy

There was a seasonal pause

Some, many, companies were waiting until after the election to hire

Thankfully there was no long term slow down in the economy and hiring resumed in many skill sets as 2013 started. And it has continued through the year.

So here we are a year later and seeing a significant need for Junior Recruiters and Recruiting Coordinators.

I was wondering why these positions… why not Senior Recruiters?

I came up with a few ideas and then texted my “go to” guy Adam Sprecher (@asprecher), Managing Director at  to see what his thoughts were on this.

Here is what we came up with:

- Most experienced recruiters are fully engaged in their full time or contract/project work and not looking.

- Most contractors already have their pipeline full so when their current gig ends their next one starts right away.

- We need to acknowledge the numbers we lost during the recession

Those address some of the supply/demand issue here are a few more:

- The number of positions most recruiters are trying to fill at any one time has grown. A lot.

- The level of difficulty to find the right person has grown a lot too. In part by unreasonable expectations from Hiring Managers.

- The improving economy has less folks looking for jobs so more time is spent on “sourcing”… going out and finding people.

- Poor planning on the side of senior management.

- Poor recruiting process, slow hiring managers, too many interviews.

- Speed… keep the recruiters recruiting and hand off administrative work.

With 2014 around the corner if you plan on adding recruiters to your team you should be having conversations, creating a pipeline now.

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Rick Swanson, Learning Meets Quality LLC

I'm curious what you are seeing in regard to your bullet point about unreasonable expectations from Hiring Managers. What counts as an unreasonable expectation? Is part of the disconnect between hiring managers and potential recruits a generational issue?

I'm also curious what you are seeing as far as hiring a person based on skill set, rather than hiring based on personality or "fit" with the team. In IT/Tech positions, it appears to me that hiring managers want skills over any other attribute (work ethic; esprit d-corps; adaptability). Are my sensibilities accurate here? Curious as to your thoughts.

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